May we introduce?

Our Visoband.

Find out how to improve your ball handling and stability with this simple product.
Visoband will deliver a stronger and firm hold for your cleats and increase your performance by reducing uncertainties!

We are no Nike, Adidas, Puma and Co.

We are local production,
local service and our heart beats
for the local football!

Play with more Stability.

To reinforce the area around your metatarsus and instep is quite common in a lot of sports like basketball, handball or even tennis. However, when it comes to football, manufacturers seam to do not find the perfect balance between flexibility and stability.

Therefore, we think outside the shoe and have developed our brand new Visoband. Well, how does it work?

By exactly reinforcing this crucial area and still keeping all the flex you need, and that means: more safety and more stability.

Play with more Control.

The specifically developed Visoband-material is also used for aviations and astronautics in similar workmanship and is by no means similar to usual rubber. The Visoband clasps around your cleats including your laces perfectly so there won't be any unevenness.

This results in an ideal contact area that enables a better ball movement and handling as well as more precise passing and shooting.


Play with more Guts.

The gained stability and control will also provide you with more guts. Our Visoband will reduce your uncertainties (blisters, bouncing balls, open shoe laces - I already hate writing about it) so you can focus on playing and nothing else. No more open shoelaces. No more tripping. No more worrying.

So, what are you waiting for?

Play with Visoband!

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About us

Visoband is a young, dedicated start-up from Austria.

Everything we do is 100% made in Austria. A moral and ethic liability is at the core of our company.

We want to walk a different path than the big brands and players who dominate the industry. With our product you are not only supporting your stability, control and guts but also support a statement for our shared passion, regional fairness and everything we stand for as a company.

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